About Us

Kilatora Design


Kilatora Design is a small Finnish business established in 2023. We make colorful paper products as well as small textile products and accessories. All products are hand drawn and designed by me, Kirsi Launiainen. I get my inspiration from Finnish nature and animals. I like to use a lot of color with a toutch of darkness.

I'm Kirsi Launiainen, an artist and illustrator from Salo, Finland. 

At the moment I'm concetrating on my own projects and art and not taking freelance work, but if you'd like to make a inquiry pleace contact me via email at info@kilatoradesign.com or through the shop's contact form for details.


Artisan Award 2023

Tora & Friends, a product family of four designs was participated in the artisan competition. The product family includes Kilatora's mascot Tora and their three creature friends. Each character has their own colorful worlds, but they also love to adventure together. Check out the collection here