About Us

Kilatora Design | Kirsi Launiainen

Kilatora Design is a small Finnish company from Salo, founded in 2024. We make cute paper products in the form of stickers as well as colorful textile products, such as pencil cases and wristlet keychains. The Tora & Friends product family has been awarded the key flag symbol and the design from Finland symbol.

All products are hand drawn and designed by me, Kirsi Launiainen. I get inspiration from Finnish nature and animals. I like to use a lot of color, with a little touch of darkness.

I have always felt drawn to creativity and wanted to implement my own ideas. This led me to a change of industry to the arts and crafts industry and to founding my own company. I first started my business as a hobby as a 4H entrepreneur, which I did for 4 years alongside my studies and the army. Eventually, I established a business name for my brand, Kilatora Designs.

I am calm by nature and can work even in stressful situations. I am organized and love to do things with my hands. In my free time, I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of fantasy. I also go to the gym, draw comics and practice animation.

I also accept customer work in the form of illustration work. Check out the Portfolio here. Inquiries via email info@kilatoradesign.com or via the contact form for additional information.


Artisan Award 2023

Tora & Friends product family designed and manufactured by Kilatora Design won an artisan competition, in Finland 17.11.2023. Link to the Finnish craft & Design news

Tora & Friends, in each product of the 4 pattern product family, different characters have adventures according to color themes. The patterns hide their own story and atmosphere, but the uniform and expressive style of the characters tells that they belong to the same world. The textile products belonging to the product family are designed and manufactured in Finland. During the design phase of the products, the consumption of fabric has been kept to a minimum. Bookmarks are made from from leftover pieces.

Read more about the Artisan award here



Tora & Friends product family has been awarded the key flag symbol and design from Finland symbol.