We have been granted the Key Flag symbol!

We have been granted the Key Flag symbol!

✨ The key flag is a sign of Finnish work ✨

Our products have the right to use the Key Flag brand. The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key flag mark to the textile products of the Tora & Friends product family of Kiolatora Design, Finland, Salo-based company. As proof of the key tag recognition of the product manufactured in Finland. Tora & Friends collectible character product series includes textile products: cute pencil cases and colorful wristlet keychains.

The key flag is a sign of Finnish work. The symbol can be granted to a product that is manufactured in Finland. In addition, the share of Finnish costs in the cost value of the product, i.e. the degree of domesticity must be at least 50 percent. All Kilatora Design textile products are designed and handmade in Finland, from Finnish fabrics. The calculation takes into account all costs related to the product.

We applied for the Key flag because we feel it is important to support domestic products and companies. We also want to increase the appreciation of Finnish handicrafts, especially among young people. At the same time, it also adds value to my products, together with the Design from Finland symbol. 💙

The purchase of a domestic product is perceived as a social influence and a responsible choice of values ​​that contributes to Finnish competitiveness and well-being.

The key flag is a sign of Finnish work. It can be granted for products manufactured in Finland, services produced in Finland and domestic online stores. https://suomalainentyo.fi/en/services/key-flag/

The main task of The Association for Finnish Work Union is to make sure that Finnish work and the good that comes from it is noticed. The association manages the Avainlippu, Design from Finland and Yhteiskunnallinen Yritys brands and acts as a voice promoting the expertise and positivity of domestic work. https://suomalainentyo.fi/en/


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