Collection: Tora


This cute little devil loves to go on adventures and try new things with their friends. Tora is a mischievous little rascal who has a tendency to play pranks and causes a little mess around themselves. Despite their blatant nature, Tora is sometimes also a bit insecure and prone to anxiety. Although Tora likes mischief, they are really kind and helpful to their friends, albeit in slightly unusual ways.

Tora is the official mascot of Kilatora Design. Tora is also the main character of Tora & Friends collection. Tora & Friends from the cute collectible kawaii character series. Kawaii Tora products with delicious candy colors. The lilac-green color scheme of the pattern creates a cool Halloween retro kawaii effect in the products. The product family is awarded with Artisan 2023 reward. Granted with Design from Finland -symbol and Key flag -symbol for textile products.

Design & Drawings by Kilatora Design | Kirsi Launiainen