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Little Bird Dishcloth

Little Bird Dishcloth

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Environmentally friendly, reusable dishcloth with "Little Birds" print.

Everyday cleaning with a beautiful textile

The dishrag is decorated with familiar birds from the popular "Little Birds" print. The birds appearing in the prints are: great tit, blue tit, common tit and red tit. These small birds are a familiar sight from Nordic home yards.

After a long life, the rag can be disposed of as bio-waste. The dishcloth lands completely in 24 weeks

The dishcloth is an ecological alternative for cleaning. It is well suited as a souvenir gift or as a substitute for a card as a consumable product

Product Details:

Environmentally friendly cloths are made from FSC certified forests and Indian waste cotton.


Cellulose, cotton, water-based pigment colors


20 x 17cm/7.8 x 6.6 inch

Care instructions:

The duratle rug can be washed at 60°C


The colour of the bird dishcloth may vary slightly from the photo, depending on your screen settings.

Design & Drawings: in Finland by Kirsi Launiainen © Kilatora Design
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