Welcome to my new kawaii online store!

Welcome to my new kawaii online store!

Now it's finally happening! I am happy to welcome you to my new kawaii store!

Our selection offers wonderful paper products for planning and crafting, cute accessories like keychains and charms, small pins and magnets, colorful textiles with cute kawaii animal characters and much more!

It's been a long journey from a self-taught hobby artist to starting my own company, but finally this dream is coming true. Boost in the last meters was given by Artisan Reward 2023 recognition. I am excited to share my artistic passion with you. I hope my products bring joy and color to your everyday life!

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in addition to my online store, I go to cones and events to sell my products. More detailed schedules and additional information about the events can be found on the event calendar.

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Also put my social media channel to follow! On Youtube I share vlog videos of my everyday life. On Instagram you can find my finished artworks and on TikTok you can find nice videos and instructions.

Let's embark on a colorful journey together and let the creative juices flow!
Thank you! 💜

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